Mount Baker Mortgage Company is LendSafe Certified; Here’s Why It Matters:

When you apply for a mortgage, your lender will ask you to send in your W2s, bank statements, pay stubs, ID, and more.. They process, transfer, and store these documents as they work with the underwriters to get you your loan, yet you don’t have any clarity into whether or not they do so securely. With an increase in cyber-attacks against mortgage lenders over the past few years, it’s important to work with a mortgage lender that has practices and policies in place to effectively protect your data.

Mount Baker Mortgage Company (NMLS #1885739) has demonstrated through their policies and practices that they exceed industry standards, earning them the trusted third-party LendSafe Certification. LendSafe is a data security provider that provides their certification to mortgage lenders that excel at protecting borrower data. Lenders seeking certification must demonstrate that they have a comprehensive data security program in place with effective policies and procedures, regular employee training, quarterly vulnerability scanning, risk assessments, phishing simulations, and more…

LendSafe has carefully assessed Mount Baker Mortgage Company’s cybersecurity practices and has determined that they are industry leaders in taking the necessary steps to protect their borrowers’ data. LendSafe has also determined that Mount Baker Mortgage does not share or sell any borrower data or information to any unauthorized third parties, further protecting their customers.

Though there is no way to completely eliminate cyber-risk, companies that earn LendSafe Certification demonstrate actions that effectively mitigate that risk. The certification process includes identifying possible vulnerabilities and taking the steps to remediate these vulnerabilities, better protecting the company and their borrowers. Though the LendSafe Certification does not guarantee a company will not experience a data breach, it does signify that the company has gone out of their way to prevent such an event, mitigating that risk.

Learn more about LendSafe here.

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