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At only $100/office + $10/employee per month, our comprehensive data security solution is priced perfectly for lenders/mortgage brokers of all sizes!

How we help protect your borrowers

After signing up to become a LendSafe lender, we meet with you or a designated employee to evaluate your company’s current processes and identify possible weaknesses. We formulate a report and a plan of action to help your company meet current industry data security standards and regulations. We then take the following steps to give you and your borrowers peace of mind that their data is being protected:

  1. We take the information gathered in our first meeting and use it in combination with our updated LendSafe security standards to create company policies and procedures for data security. We use these policies to craft an annual assessment for your employees to ensure their compliance. You can track your employees compliance by logging into your LendSafe account.
  2. Through training modules and regular webinars with cybersecurity professionals, LendSafe helps your employees excel in their roles in keeping borrower data safe.
  1. Our regular vulnerability scanning detects any vulnerabilities in your network/server that hackers could use to potentially spy on you or access borrower data.
  2. After verifying that your company is compliant with our data security standards, we award you our LendSafe certification, adding you to our network of LendSafe Certified Lenders. We then invest a portion of your subscription fee to marketing to borrowers in your area, providing you with hot leads at no extra cost.

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